Dear Friends,
I remember the exact moment when the Cuba missle crisis began. It resulted in the country beng closed to Americans for over 50 years. During those years the churche were closed. Christians met secretly in small groups in Church Houses. Because Bibles were banned it was common for them to tear pages out of Bibles and pass them around to read and memorize. Even one page of the Bible was to be treasured.

The Cuban government has recently opened a wondow of opportunity to allow Bibles to be brought into the country. An official told me that one of the reasons they are allowing them now is because when the country was so desparate it was the Christians who shared their meager food, took in orphans, and helped anyone in need. Christians were the “glue” that held the country together. What a testimony to their faithfulness!

In the past 50 years the growth of the Church in Cuba has exploded. Thousands of Christians are prayerfully waiting for their very own copy of God’s Word. We are doing everything we can to see that they get it!

By God’s grace I have been invited to Cuba to speak to Pastors and women July 2-9th. We have formed a partnership with the American Bible Society and can put a Bible into a person’s hand for only $5.40. Such a small price for such a great treasure! It is my prayer that as a result of our partnership with you that the thousands of Bibles that are packed and ready to ship will be there, ready to distribute to expectant hands.

A Pastor in our town, Rev. Dan Betzer, recently asked his congregation to go home and count the number of Bibles in their homes. He challenged his members to donate to missions $5.00 for every Bible they found. Thousands of dollars were raised to give Bibles to those who did not have even one. May I give the same challenge to you for Bibles for Cuba? The world is quickly changing. You and I have a window of opportunity that could close at any time. We need to act now. Our Brothers and Sisters are waiting expectantly for a copy of their own full Bible. We are doing all we can, but we can’t do it alone. Only a partnership with God and a Bible beliving Believer like you can make it happen and change an entire Communit nation for God. That is prety exciting, don’t you think!?

Thank you for caring and for sharing,
Marilyn Orton
Women of Worth International