lf you are worn out from carrying the load of a Women's Ministry in your church, there is GOOD news! WOW will show you how to structure the ministry so that it is evenly distributed among the women of the church.

• Your women will become excited about using their spiritual gifts to serve within the church.
• Your women will have a set time each month for a Girls fellowship where you just get together and have fun!
• You will develop the leadership skills of your women as they become responsible for a portion of the ministry
• As you study the Word of God together you will grow together.  Your WOW group will become a safe place to share your struggles and joy
• As other churches in your area start their own WOW chapter, you will soon have a network of WOW women who will come together once a year and plan a Celebrate Jesus Festival for everyone to join in
• The best part is that  You can begin right now!

Woman of Worth

by Delia Thumbadoo
She can walk miles and miles for wood, water and food

She rises at the break of dawn and is the last to lay down her weary head

She can make a meal from the little she has; she shares and gives when she cannot

She has nerves of steel to contain a doctor’s bad report, can smile and nurture a terminally ill child, - (fighting all her emotions in the closest of her soul)

She never gives up Hope and is courageous beyond description

She enacts and lives out her inborn instincts to survive and nurture no matter what the circumstances

Even when she suckles her young on an empty breast - she dares to confront another sunrise!

Her HOPE is in the Lord and her family calls her blessed

She’s a Mother, She’s a Wife, She’s a Daughter,

She’s A Woman of Worth!